Creepy kids

They're back, but only when I'm tired.


hand drawn fonts

i'm slowly learning my way round illustrator and photoshop.  it's like learning a foreign language, and so far i'm just stopping myself from starving.  

i wanted to make a new banner for my two etsy shops and probably this blog (it's a bit lame at the moment) and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do some illustrator learning.  i didn't do it completely properly as in my haste i didn't scan at a high enough resolution, but i liked what happened.  the steps i followed are listed below.

1. open scan of hand drawn words in photoshop.
2. put in greyscale, contrast altered so basically black and white.
3. saved words.
4. opened words in illustrator.
5. selected the image and live traced.
6. played around with the settings until i got this:

it's not even good!  but i'm pleased as punch with the baby steps.


the sea bed

colour is good.  you can never have to much colour.